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Member communication and seamless membership management play an integral role in the management of private clubs. Club Apps empowers clubs to stay connected with their members like never before, while simplifying administrative tasks and enhancing overall club experiences. Enjoy a bespoke app designed specifically for private clubs, ensuring effective management, discreet or personalized notifications and an enhanced overall private club experience. 

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Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional club management and say hello to seamless automation and effortless member communication.


  • Enhanced Member Engagement: As an excellent communication tool, Club Apps, improves member experiences with real time alert notifications, connecting private clubs and their members effortlessly, fostering a sense of community, and ensuring that members never miss exciting opportunities. 
  • Seamless Membership Management: Our private club management software streamlines tasks into one easy-to-use app, simplifying membership management, renewals, and payments. Administrative tasks have never been easier, providing a paperless solution with higher engagement of members and staff/leaders – saving time and effort for your administrative team!  
  • Intuitive Event Calendars: Organizing events and keeping members informed has never been easier. Club Apps offers an intuitive event calendar feature, allowing clubs to effortlessly create, manage, and promote events. Synchronizing with members’ chosen personal calendars and providing a centralized hub for all private club events.  
  • Stunning Design: Leave an impression with a beautifully designed private club app. Our team of experienced designers creates stunning interfaces that reflect the unique identity and branding of each club. From elegant color schemes to intuitive navigation, our apps offer a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.  
  • Comprehensive Contacts Directory: Connecting with fellow members and club staff has never been easier. Our platform includes a comprehensive contacts directory, enabling members to effortlessly find and connect with others. Foster a sense of community and facilitate networking opportunities within your club.  


Experience the Future of Private Club Membership Software 

With Club Apps, private clubs can unlock the full potential of their membership management and engagement. Our personalized apps offer a seamless and efficient solution designed with the consideration of the unique needs of private clubs. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual paperwork, scattered communication, and outdated processes. Partner with us to embrace the future of private club management solutions. 

Contact us today to learn more and schedule a personalized demo of Club Apps. Let us empower your club with the tools it needs to thrive in the digital age. 

“The app allows me to get information out effectively and in a form that the team can see instantly. The alerts setting is a great 1-way communication tool, and they can be targeted to different people depending on the content. I particularly like the documents section as this has become a bit of a tactix-library to us. It is where I update all the team’s run sheets and other resources. It is super easy to use and minimizes my paper-trail!”

Tommy Lamb
Tactix Team Manager

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Our platform enables seamless integration of all your resources and payment solutions, consolidating them into one directory. 

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